Which Girl of Summer are You?

Welcome Summer!

At Mika Makeup we understand summer affords a myriad of opportunities for putting your best face forward. And we suspect each woman has a warm-weather vixen within her that claws forth and spreads her wings as winter retreats. There are dozens of summer make-up looks to choose from and we’d love to hear your favorites! Feel free to comment! We’ve attempted to encompass them on the faces of three characters we think most West Coast women can relate to:

The Beach Goddess

The Back Woods Lady

The Festival Free Spirit

All three make-ups are fairly low maintenance, very long wearing and make a statement about a personality that blossoms in the heat. These looks draw on the beauty of summer’s nature to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty and they share the makeup denominator of glowing cheeks and lips and tawny fresh skin which we’ve accomplished by layering vivid stains and sun protection. They are discreetly and easily applied yet designed to be long-wearing and waterproof — able to withstand sun, sand, surf, smoke, summer storms, bear-spray mishaps, and sweat-drenched drum circles.

The Beach Goddess, seemingly a vision of burnished bronze perfection, she is actually the most high maintenance of the summer ladies and most likely found lounging poolside atop a swank hotel or under an umbrella at Third Beach where style trumps athleticism any day.

We used pops of Tropical Green and Vivid Coral to recall sea and jungle flowers. She is Sun-Bronzed and gleaming like the glinting stones and sand

SUNSCREEN!! Mixed with Mac Face and Body foundation for pre-tanned, pool-side skin (legs too!) Or burnished coppery mineral bronzer all over face. Bronzing towelettes for body (“Marcelle”) for the woman with forsight. Metallic cream shadow on eyes in Copper or Gold tones. We used Urban Decay eye primer in glimmering gold and Nars multistick in Laguna or Orgasm for cheeks, eyes and collarbone. Striking, full and messy brows with Noir brow pencil (long-wearing wax, its water resistant). Lips Beaute-stained Neon (a coral stain…a coral manicure to underscore is a bonus) and finished with a gold gloss (Face Atelier “Champagne”) or lip balm with SPF, a hint of metallic green liner at the outside corners of eyes (Stila green-gold waterproof kohl) NO MASCARA!! — there are widely differing opinions on the NO MASCARA at the beach debate. I’m of the firm mind that while other summer looks can afford it, nothing looks more incongruous in the water than cakey, spidery lashes and it can transform a Beach MakeUp from effortlessly polished to contrived and self-conscious in a heartbeat.

Next is the Back woods lady, wearing discreet and muted tones to mirror the nature around her, this really is makeup done on the sly, where your family, friends or that grass roots guy you’re dating will never know you’re wearing it. And it can span the gamut from a camping-honeymoon, to hiking the West Coast Trail, to a summer job tree-planting or to laid back Cabin Life. But this Back-Woods Babe is the type who either is — or at least wishes to appear — above the vanity of modern make-up amenities. But to still look her best while seemingly bare-faced.

Her face is coated in sunscreen mixed with bronzer, (Bonne Belle Gel Bronzer!) or powdered with a pigmented, mineral sunscreen (matte bronze) (“Colorscience”) for all-over colour and protection. Eyelashes are tinted or extensions have been applied for long-lasting impact. Eyes shaded with a neautral cream shadow or lined with a long wearing charcoal (grey/brown) kohl. Cheeks and lips Beaute stained with “Fever” a natural red. Lips lined with waterproof pencil, gently filled in and finished with a balm containing SPF (Fresh Sugar Balm or SmartShield lip balm).

Festival Free Spirit — Festival season in the West kicks off at Coachella and climaxes at Burning Man with Folk-fest, Caribbean Days and Shambala in between. This make-up has unlimited room for self-expression and allows for a bold re-interpretation of a flower-child vibe that was born in the sixties. Smudgy eyes reflect the rock n’ roll attitude and cheeks are flushed from dancing, the lip is bold, bright and carefree — STAINED, not caked with product. This is make-up that gets better the longer you wear it. Designed to withstand even the sweatiest drum-circle or full-moon stomp.

She is wearing Bobbi Brown tinted balm with SPF 25 on her face for a dewy sheen that offers sun protection and slight coverage. There is pale gold shimmer highlight for cheeks and brow bones (a waterproof cream shadow with a wand — Bonne Belle makes one). Mac’s “Groundwork” or other rich, neutral paint pot on the lid. Eyes lined and smudged out with Noir Ultra Rich Thick Grease Penicl and punched up at the corners with Bobbi Brown gel liner in “Ivy”. Waterproof mascara. Cheeks stained Barbie pink with Beaute’s “Flouron” Stain (mix with moisturizer or sunscreen) and lips stained with “Harlot” — a fuschia shade that makes it look as if you’ve been deep throating cherry popsicles all afternoon. Swipe with Doctor Pepper Balm (Bonne Belle), or Beaute sheer plumping gloss (“Urge” or “Lady Stardust”).

See the Mika Girl’s of Summer on Urban Rush:

*all three looks made copious use of Sun Shield smart sunscreen and lip balm — hands down our favorite sunscreen. It absorbs in seconds without a hint of grease or a white-ish cast unlike some so-called “dry” sunscreens which we will refrain from naming. Best of all it instantly “sets” on the face so if mixed with gel bronzer, it sets the colour along with it for a long-wearing tanned effect.

We also stained lips and cheeks entirely with Beaute Stains. Long wearing and 100% natural. Eyes were emphasized primarily with NOIR products — make in Montreal and the Little Black Dress of cosmetics — Noir only make black make-up. But trust, it is the very best of blacks that money can buy. Products are displayed below. Contact mikamakeup.ca to purchase the Smart Shield or Beaute Stains.

The indomitable Smart Shield

treasured “ivy”

Bet it all on Black. Noir Pencils

Dewy Balm with SPF and sheer coverage…. ah Bobbi… you know the way to our hearts.

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