Lost Souls by Mika

Mika Halloween on Urban Rush (click on link to view) As always, Urban Rush was a blast… Fiona Forbes had us in stitches and Michael Eckford played the straight man for once. We always prepare for the Mika segments on TV, but this Halloween feature on “Day of the Dead” Makeup took those preparations to Read More

Home-Made Blood for Halloween

1 cup clear corn syrup 3-4 tbsp. water warm 10-15 drops of blue food coloring 1 sifted tbsp. of white flour In a destroyable mixing bowl, pour your corn syrup. In a separate measuring cup or bowl slowly mix your flour with water. Add slowly until you have a fairly liquid consistency. If it is Read More

Don’t Miss Your Halloween MakeUp on TV!

Check out Mika Founder Karin Shoji and Instructor Elizabeth Bryan on Vancouver’s Urban Rush, Tuesday, October 25th, 5pm on Channel 4 (Vancouver). They will be Demonstrating “Day of the Dead” and “Lost Souls” Inspired MakeUp just in time for Halloween. If you are short on ideas or dollars, “Day of the Dead” MakeUp is long Read More